Servants without Hire

Emerging Concepts of Christian Ministry in the Campbell-Stone Movement

by William Martin Smith

Based on the Reed Lectures from 1967, Smith traces the anti-clerical message that accompanied the frontier religious preaching of Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone. They hoped that congregations could appoint their own leaders without the undue influence of outsiders. These evangelists were to be first and foremost servants, with no distinction between lay members and ministers. Smith, then traces the development of a professional ministry system within Disciples of Christ into the 1960s as churches called for higher levels of training among their preachers.

Chapters include: • A Nineteenth-Century Revolution: A Free Ministry in a Free Society • Pastors-Evangelists-Bishops and Sometimes Deacons • Changing Ministries for Changing Times

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    Disciples of Christ Historical Society
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    Bethany, WV
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    Reed Lectures